Saturday, April 15, 2017

How It Works - see menu 4Just Solutions is open
Get a free p2tp url but hurry number are limited by the number of districts. 

How It Works - see menu 4Just Solutions

The website is under construction on going

The sabotage of the old network by the Cyndx in September 2016

has been reported. However the bad guy seems to have influence in the New World Order

and the more exposed they become they more desperate and careless, leaving trails of incriminating  evidence.    

Pledge To The Planet (P2TP) - P2TP StartUp Groups

Fee-Less and always without fees or payment

Pledge To The Planet (P2TP) - P2TP StartUp Groups
Emergent group intelligence

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We Work for You, free not for 

profit because we are All in this together. 

Save Nature Free with 


Networking team working for you.

The awesome power of small groups is not only slowly growing at first but is designed from the ground up to go viral.

Be The change.

Engage your power of one.

Just 2 free and simple steps-

Step 1 

Take the Fee-less PTTP (Pledge to the Planet) 

Step 2

Invite 2 friends to take the PTTP.

Why it works  

at your very own free local startup SNF Group.
EZ2see drag and drop website builder is free
for you to open a simple local group.
supplied by Weebly 


Step one:
Pledge to the Planet: Start a Free Local Group to help you.
This is the step that makes you a part of the revolution. 
congratulations for finding us.

Step two: 
Invite friends, until at least two join your group. 

What is a local Save Nature free kiosk group?
Save Nature free local kiosk groups is an idea from Alexander Ronald Reid of New Zealand
formally known as Ronald Alexander Reid.

Contact us: We love Feed back